“Pennsyltucky” (2018) by Boys Called Susan (

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Track Listing: Slumlords of Paradise, Unfinished Symphony, Forbidden Fruit, Degrees of Misery, Pretty Pantomime,

Company Man, Girl From Pennsyltucky, Rodeo Cool, The Home Team, The Ballad of Little Cherie, Heaven Knows

**all songs written and performed by Bryan Russo and Christopher Shearer

“Burden of Proof” (2016)  by Bryan Russo’s Bargain Scotch



Tracks: Too Many (Cooks in the Kitchen), Talk of the Town, Honesty, Burden of Proof, Hotrod, 555 W. Easy St., Shiny Brass Rings

“Here For the Show” (2014) by Bryan Russo and the Tragic Figures

brtf album cover take 2Itunes:


tracks: Lowdown, Revival, The Mighty, Glory, Here For the Show

Sound the Alarms (2012) by Bryan Russo

Sound the Alarms Cover



tracks: Sweet Kiss, Devilish Eyes, The Twist, Sweet Vintage Woman, Repetition, The Philistine, Broken Americans, Sound the Alarms

“The Next Big Thing EP” (2008) by Bryan Russo



or CD Baby

tracks: Smokey Cafe, Next Big Thing, Lord Lord Lord, The Sting, The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen (hidden track)

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