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December 2019

12/6—-8pm—Bethany Beach, DE—-99 Sea Level

12/7—6pm—-Rehoboth Beach, DE—Chesapeake & Maine

12/14—7pm—Berlin, MD————Sisters Wine Bar  

January 2020

1/1—4pm—-Ocean City, Maryland——-Ocean City Performing Arts Center

1/24–7pm—Milton, DE——-Milton Theatre (Supporting Shamarr Allen)

February 2020

2/7—-9pm—Berlin, MD—-Burley Oak Brewery

2/15—6pm—Rehoboth Beach, DE—Chesapeake and Maine

2/28—-TBA—-Berlin, MD—-Windmill Creek Winery

March 2020

3/14—7pm—Berlin, MD—-Sisters Wine Bar

3/20—TBA—-Berlin, MD—–Windmill Creek Winery

3/21–7pm—Chincoteague Island, VA—–Chincoteague Cultural Alliance

April 2020

4/3—-TBA—-Berlin, MD——Windmill Creek Winery

May 2020

5/1–TBA—-Berlin, MD——-Windmill Creek Winery

5/9—6pm—Rehoboth Beach, DE— Chesapeake and Maine

June 2020

July 2020

August 2020

8/8—6pm—Rehoboth Beach, DE—Chesapeake and Maine

8/23—-TBA—–Berlin, MD—–Windmill Creek Winery

September 2020

October 2020

November 2020

11/8—TBA—-Berlin, MD—Windmill Creek Winery

11/14–6pm—Rehoboth Beach, DE—-Chesapeake and Maine

December 2020

12/11—TBA—–Berlin, MD—-Windmill Creek Winery





4 thoughts on “Shows

  1. Tashina Rathfon says:

    just wanted to say how wonderful my birthday was this past weekend. And the best part was coming to see you play. Awesome that our hotel was right across the street from Buxy’s Salty Dog. Chris always says that we are always where we are supposed to be and again it proved true. Brian, you were amazing. Mr. Harp player…you blew me away. Sir Drums, you rocked it out like no other and dang Mr. Bassist….that was the best darn birthday bass solo I’ve ever had. 😉
    Thanks for the great memory and the kickin’ tunes!


  2. Richard Ollman says:

    Just caught you at Freeman Stage, in a word Awesome!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We were surprised and delighted to discover Bryan and music at our favorite hang out- Burley Oak Brewery. On a quiet winter night in Berlin we enjoyed a show worthy of Nashville or Vegas! Loved Jim Miller’s trumpet too!

  4. Patricia Stevens says:

    Surprised and delighted to hear Bryan for the first at Burley Oak Brewery in Berlin! The usually rowdy crowd was quiet listening to his lyrics and craft. Jim Miller’s horn added depth and resonance! Loved it!

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