A Breath of Fresh Music

“Russo is a versatile and engaging songwriter who knows how to write catchy lyrics that are also intelligent and carry emotional truth.”
-Cara Dahl (Maryland Coast Dispatch)

“Russo is a refreshing voice in an industry which is overrun with self-consciously clever wordsters and songwriters who mistake bombast for profundity. Most important of all, he has something to say, and people will listen.”—Cara Dahl (Maryland Coast Dispatch)

“The call to action for a response to such an artist is now…to ignore it would be blasphemy. Through written word and song he conveys a message of hope and a driving force of dedication and love into making everything worth singing about”. Slade Vegas—Las Vegas rock writer

“(Russo) is a breath of fresh air in today’s generally dull world of music writing. His innate depth of thought is apparent in all his songs and sparks an appreciation for its originality among listeners. People need to hear these songs loud and clear, as Russo is a rare talent.”—Steve Green (publisher MD Coast Dispatch)

“(Russo) doesn’t just dream of becoming a rock star and touring the world. He’s more ambitious than that.”
–Bayside Gazette

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