The Silence of the Lambs and the Lion that was March

Just a quick update about a very strong month musically speaking, and a quick preview of things coming up.

If you are just joining us, we had a big couple of events that took place in 2012’s third month, the biggest of which being chosen to play the pre-show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia before the Black Keys/Arctic Monkeys show on March 10th.

It was a tremendous experience and we made a ton of new fans and had a great time being in the big leagues for a night.

That show, came on the heels of winning the Fuse Tv/Make a Star dot com national contest for “Best Video” for my song “Smokey Cafe'”.  I want to thank all the folks from all over the world for helping us get little piece of visual art some recognition.

Other highlights included another great evening at Legendary Dobbs in Philly, a raucous St. Patrick’s Day show at Pit n Pub in Ocean City, and a very cool solo show in Annapolis at one of my new mainstays, Red Red Wine Bar.

Check the shows section of the site to find out when I’ll be in your town, and pay special attention to May 4th, when I’ll be part of the Freestate Workshop Acoustic Roadshow Too at the 8 x 10 in Baltimore.

Very excited to be a part of that show, and get your tickets now (you can get them from me for a discount–check the shows sections for details) as this show will most likely sell out.

I’m also working on scoring the music  for a radio documentary, working on a number of songs for an amazing opera artist called Karl Scully (one of the Irish Tenors), and writing songs for a number of other bands who are ready to take their art to the next level.

And I know many of you are waiting on the new album, “Sound the Alarms”, and I promise you, it is coming soon.  There are just one or two more hurdles to overcome and it will be in your hands.

I hope to see you all sometime very soon and I thank you for all your support and interest in my music.

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all the best, and have a great spring.–BR


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